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Information Security

Most businesses often get targeted and hit by viruses, malware and Ransomware. Make sure you’re prepared with enterprise security and backup solutions.

IT Security is a key aspect of your company’s IT Infrastructure. Hackers keep trying to break into public & private networks around the globe to steal information or worse: hold you to ransom.


Our Priority Is Your IT Security

Using LambdaDigital Team’s in-depth security knowledge and wealth of experience, we’ll find you the right solution within hours.

We carefully complete every challenging task!!

imageNetwork Access Controls

imageIntrusion Detection/Prevention

imageEmail Security

imageEnd Point Encryption

imageVulnerability Mgmt

imageSecurity Event and Info Mgmt

    Our Work Strategies

  • Network Security Assessment

    System complexity and attack surfaces continue to grow. Perform network-based penetration testing in a structured manner.

  • Application Security Assessment

    An unified solution for identifying, securing and monitoring web, mobile applications from development to production.

  • Information Systems Audit

    Assist enterprises in preparing a comprehensible audit report that complies with requirements of IS Audit, Assurance Standards and Assurance Guidelines that are published by ISACA.

  • Penetration Testing

    Includes network penetration testing and application security testing as well as controls and processes around the networks and applications.