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LambdaDigital’s approach to Application Lifecycle Management provides a flexible and agile method that adapts to your IT team’s release cycles, LOB priorities, increase collaboration between development and operations, and streamline processes so you can focus on delivering high-quality software faster and more efficiently.

With our deep experience and knowledge of DevOps, we ensure rapid on-boarding of applications by automating a CI and Development pipeline that facilitates rapid deployment and operations across leading cloud platforms.

Our DevOps consulting, can help organizations achieve higher efficiency, faster recovery times and therefore stable software builds with early identification of bugs/errors, allowing lower change failure rate, and hence accelerate speed-to-market.

Our Service offering includes release management, continuous deployment, replica environment, new server setup, monitoring & control, change management and performance optimization, devops intelligence on an ongoing basis.


Our Challenging Part

DevOps is about Continuous Integration and Build Automation to get custom software through development into one’s operations as quickly as possible. One of the primary reasons for adopting DevOps best practices and automation tools is to achieve fast time to market.

We carefully complete every challenging task!!

imageUnderstand Problem

imageData Collection

imageFeatures Engineering

imageBuild Model


imageOperationalize Model

    Our Work Strategies

  • Getting Ready for the Project

    We help organizations, small and large, understand their DevOps needs and assist them to align their Development and IT Operations in order to achieve better efficiency and improve turnaround, due to changing business and technical needs.

  • Research the Market

    A DevOps strategy implemented well, provides the ability to react to change and tackle urgent challenges in the business environment. Not only does it deliver faster time to market but also increases the throughput of your software development pipeline.

  • Make the Final Output

    DevOps is also a powerful business enabler that helps enterprises to eliminate development and delivery constraints and successfully contain cost, mitigate risk and improve delivery cycles.